A website & blog for residents (and neighbours) of Dalston Square

The Residents Association

[May 2023: This is an old post, we will be updating soon] Dalston Square Residents have pulled together to form an interim Residents’ Association en route to establishing a more formal organization to represent Leaseholder and Resident interests.

From talking to various residents, initially on a social level, it was clear that many of us have been raising very similar issues with EON, Consort and Hackney Council, amongst other parties. The Interim Association was formed to try and bring everyone’s interests together and tackle development-wide issues as a collective body.

This site (in conjunction with our Forum) is dedicated to facilitating dialogue between residents and other Dalston Square stakeholders on any issue, interest or concern. It is also an attempt to reach out to the wider Dalston community.

If you’d like to get more involved, membership of the Association is open to any resident of the Square (leaseholders and renters) with the time and interest to participate. Simply visit our Forum, leave a message in the ‘Applications’ section, and after confirming you do indeed live on the Square you are in: Simples.