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Bitter & Sweet

First the bitter. You will by now all be aware of the plan by Telford Homes to use the doubling of capacity at Holy Trinity School (possibly a good thing, depending on your view of faith schools) as an excuse to build 101 flats  above said school, at the south-eastern corner of Dalston Square. The plans for the development were rejected by Hackney Council earlier in the year (on the grounds of it’s impact on the area, current and future tenants adjacent to the site, and the school children themselves), but Telford then took their plans to the GLA (the offices of Mayor Boris Johnson) who provisionally overruled Hackney Council’s decision pending a public hearing. Well, that hearing is now upon us: This coming Monday, 18th November, 3pm at City Hall, Committee Rooms 4 & 5. The school is organising buses to transport parents/supporters of the scheme to the hearing (one has to wonder if parents are fully aware that the only play area for children will be an open ‘floor’ of the building between the school and the multiple stories of flats above, with, therefore, no open sky), so it is imperative that anyone against the proposal should also attend if they possibly can. Full details of the hearing, the proposed development, and the GLA’s own report, can all be found on the GLA’s website HERE.

Now the sweet. The Christmas market scheduled for the Square on December 1st will not just allow you to shop at the stalls, eat at the food stalls, and be entertained by a procession of local artists and performers. Oh no. You can also take part as a performer yourself. This just in:

Calling All Singers!

Do you like to sing? No matter if you have experience or not, come along and join in!

Led by vocalist and choirmaster, Iris Ederer, we will be singing uplifting popular tunes in a one and a half hour workshop where you will get to know a-cappella arrangements of well-known tunes from gospel to pop. In the vocal workshop we will do a quick body warm-up – comfortable clothes are suggested – some voice warm-ups and sound exercises – be prepared for some fun! All age groups welcome.

The workshop will take place at Dalston C.L.R James Library at 12:15 on 1st December 2013, and at 2.15pm we will sing our songs on stage at Dalston Christmas Market in Dalston Square – a public performance for you and your families. To sign up (and don’t forget this is open to all, no matter what your level of experience or abilities) please email talent@cityshowcase.co.uk and label your email IRIS.

Join in, join us, and invite all your friends and family to watch you perform.
And speaking of events in the Square, I have also received the minutes of the latest Dalston Square Culture & Community Engagement Forum (available for download from our discussions forum HERE – scroll down to last entry), as well as the third edition of Hackney Council’s Dalston Square Cultural Programme Newsletter (download HERE – again, scroll down the page to find it). Let’s show our thanks to the council for their work to make the Square a fun place to live in the best possible way: Get out there and support and participate in every event we can. See you there?

2 responses

  1. lucy piggin


    I went to the meeting today where Borris approved the building ontop of Holy trinity. I was really impressed by all the objectors speeches and can not believe it was over ruled. There was only a few objectors in the audience, completely out numbered by all the Holy trinity children who were taken out of school? and parents/governors etc.

    Really disappointed with the out come, it was a complete abuse of his powers and unnecessary to interfere in local council.

    That’s my general moan over, I hear there was a resident called Paulo who thinks there may still be an opportunity to change the out come though…

    Lucy Piggin No 9 Abraham house

    On Sat, 16 Nov 2013 17:18:26 +0000 Dalston Square Residents’ Association

    Monday, 18 November, 2013 at 6:41 pm

  2. Pablo is his name, and he is quite correct: Just as Mayor Johnson has overruled Hackney Council, so Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, can (and occasionally does), overrule Mayor Johnson. It must though be said that this is a long shot. The question is, after 2 rounds (one to each side though the developers hold the advantage having won the last), how much fight do the opposers have left in them? It is perhaps time to let the dust settle and then see where everything stands. Perhaps the long shot is just a tad too long, perhaps a long shot is better than none.

    Monday, 18 November, 2013 at 7:06 pm

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