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Locked Doors, Balcony Litterers, Free Tickets, & Dalston Futures

Keeping Your Doors Locked

Back in June of 2012, after a series of burglaries here in the square, I made a post to explain the system used by the thieves and remind residents to keep their apartment doors locked at all times. After what appears to be a gang operating in the exact same manner struck Sledge Tower last week, it seems it is time for a reminder. The initial problem is one I commented on in my last post: Residents who continue to allow people to tail-gate them through building entrance doors (if someone tries to follow you into your block, ask to see their fob: No fob, no entry). Once inside the building, the burglars take the elevator to the top floor, then start making their way back down again trying every apartment door as they go. When they find one unlocked, they walk in, bold as brass as if they own the place. If someone is home they apologise profusely, explaining they must of got off on the wrong floor and leave again. If no-one is home, they quickly scan for and take small, portable valuables (laptops, tablets, and phones are particularly vulnerable). In one instance 2 years ago, one resident came out of the bathroom to find they had been burgled.

So please neighbours, keep your apartment door(s) locked at all times, whether you are home or not, and keep yourself and your possessions safe. One last comment on the subject, and a response to the resident that once said to me that they did not understand why they had to lock themselves in. You are not locked in, you are free to leave any time you like: You are locking everyone else out.

Littering From Balconies

Again this is an issue that we have covered before, and again it seems a reminder is necessary. Please do not throw litter from your balcony. Mostly it seems the issue is (though not limited to) people who, rather than use an ashtray when smoking on their balconies, simply flick their ash, and eventually their cigarette butt, over the rail (or out of the window in the case of phase 1 winter gardens). Please just spare a thought for your neighbours below who have to a) keep an eye skyward for falling debris, and b) clean up your mess. Disgusting behaviour: Really disgusting.

Dalston Futures & The Eastern Curve Garden

As many of you will be aware, the latest threat to the popular Eastern Curve Garden has receded since plans for the redevelopment of Kingsland Shopping Centre have been withdrawn. But that does not mean it is safe from future plans. In an attempt to make it harder for developers for get their hands on this beautiful, community treasure, Dalston Futures are attempting to get the garden registered as an ‘asset of community value’. If successful, it would give the community a ‘community right to bid’: Should the owner wish to dispose of the land, the community must be given an opportunity to raise money to secure the land before it is sold. It does not of itself guarantee that the site will be saved and retained, but it does create an additional opportunity for the community to prevent unwanted development, and create a disincentive to developers. For more info on the campaign and how to be involved, plus their other upcoming projects, click HERE.

Two Free Tickets To Give Away

Thanks to Dalston Square resident Judith, I am in possession of 2 tickets to ‘Saturday brunch with The Guide’ (details of the event can be found HERE) this coming Saturday (Sept. 27th) at Rotorino on Kingsland Road here in Dalston (event runs from 10.30am until 1,30pm). Having purchased the tickets (an £80 value for the 2) Judith and her partner find they are now unable to attend so, rather than leave the tickets unused, they would like to give them away: Very generous I am sure you will all agree. Here then is what I will do: If you are a Dalston resident and are interested in receiving them, send an email to DalstonSquareRA@gmail.com with the heading ‘Yes Please’ and your postcode and name (just your christian name is fine) as the message. On Thursday afternoon I will select one at random and contact you for your full address so I can deliver them to you (I will only deliver them to the Dalston postcode contained in your email – collection or alternate addresses will not be allowed). This is the fairest way I can think of doing it to ensure they go to a Dalston neighbour. Good luck everyone.



3 responses

  1. Terry mead

    Last night (22nd September) both the front entrance door and the inner door, entrance to the lifts, had both been triggered to remain open. We know from previously reporting this, that children have been told to do this by their parents so they don’t have to be bother to keep letting their children in by the fob locks. This leaves the apartments completely open for anybody to just walk into the building, we have had previously had people sleeping in the stair wells and fires being started. If the people who trigger the systems to allow the doors to remain unlocked are found they should be treated harshly because it endangers everyone in the building, but as usual nothing will proberly ever be done.
    Our building is Dunbar Tower and it seems because we are tenants and not residents we are treated somewhat differently.
    I have reported this to the concierge on the night and believe it was dealt with, but as to whether anybody had already got into the building, we don’t know.
    Terry Mead

    Tuesday, 23 September, 2014 at 8:52 am

    • Hi Terry. I feel for you, I really do: Your safety and security are being jeopardised through other people’s laziness and that simply is not fair. Unfortunately, Consort’s hands are tied: Their job is to manage the communal areas of the buildings of Dalston Square but have very little if any way to control the people within them. And Dunbar Tower is actually something of a special case because of it’s control by your housing association Circle Anglia (I believe that is their name but I apologise if I have got it wrong). They should be your first point of contact rather than Consort but Consort will help out where they can.

      Tuesday, 23 September, 2014 at 3:16 pm

      • Terry Mead

        Hi We have contacted Circle 33, about this, and they tell us we should report this to the concierges as they can see who is coming and leaving the building and who may be triggering the release switches. Today I spoke with the consort repairs chap, who reset the doors also he did a physical check to see if anybody had been sleeping in the stairwell areas. I have also done this on a few occasions and have found food that has been being eaten there, carpet burns where people have been smoking, and other items left after sex acts, also I pointed out to him where some of the stair railings have been physically broken away from the walls, making the stair railings dangerous. Regards Terry Mead

        Sent from my iPad


        Tuesday, 23 September, 2014 at 4:20 pm

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