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Sledge Lobby, Parking Space Owners, Gym Closure

Hello neighbours, 3 quick items of news to pass on.

Sledge Tower Lobby Odours

Further to my last post, Barratt’s investigations in to the cause of the odours in Sledge Tower have finally proved successful. A waste pipe hidden behind a lobby wall was found to be leaking and has now been repaired. After a good clean-up of the residual spillage, I have seen for myself that finally the lobby is odour free. There is still some making good to do the the wall but this will be completed soon.

Phases 1 & 3 Parking Spaces

Due to a technical error in Consort’s systems there has been an overcharging to phase 3 space owners and an undercharging to phase 1 space owners in the 2015/16 budget. For further details please see THIS thread over at our discussion forum.

Upcoming Temporary Gym Closure

With the phase 1 redecoration now well under way, the gym is coming close to receiving it’s fresh lick of paint. In order for this work to be undertaken the gym will be closed for 2 days next week, namely Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March.




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