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DSRA June 2016 Update

Dalston Square Residents’ Association

The DSRA depends on a small group of actively engaged residents. While we don’t know about everything that goes on in such a large complex we do keep an eye on the main issues that affect our welfare and finances.

The main ‘current’ issues have been the recent call for more chances to meet fellow residents- which we responded to by organizing a very successful roof top garden social on May21st – attended by over 70 residents on the first warm day of the summer. Thanks to all those who contributed! The atmosphere was very positive. Many of us learnt about Erika’s fantastic colourful roof garden and several new volunteers to help tend it came forward in true community sprit.

The other issues concern:

  • Restaurant kitchen odours that continue to affect some flats on the east side of the Square. Barratt have agreed to retro installation of a fully integrated restaurant kitchen smoke extraction system. Slow progress and we continue to put pressure on the builders. The Council have asked, and are waiting for a planning submission as there are technical issues to be resolved. Watch this space for developments.
  • Skateboarding is causing distress to families living on lower floors in flats that overlook the Square: personal appeals and ‘soft’ intervention by the Council’s Street Wardens has helped. However the Council has agreed that ‘no skateboarding’ signs are needed, and will be installed soon. Meanwhile residents should register their complaints on Hackney’s Noise Pollution website.  It is possible to call for the Street Wardens. The number is available via the Concierge.
  • Service Charges continue to be a cause for concern. The DSRA has established a ‘Finance Committee’ which meets to go over First Port’s accounts for the Square. In brief, it has taken some time to get a full understanding of First Port’s costs and charges. Vigilance is essential. We are always seeking new members for this committee. If you have a strong interest contact the DSRA via this website or put a note in the DSRA letter box in Gaumont Tower Concierge reception.
  • Maintenance of the Square. The Square belongs to the Council and we have chased the relevant parties to ensure they maintain the green spaces and manage the litter situation. As its use increases with the arrival of more restaurants, we have pressed for high standards. Kim, the street operative, does a good job in difficult circumstances. Those of us who know her appreciate her positive outlook and care for the Square. If you have a chance to pay her your respect personally please do so.

The DSRA has been in operation since the Square opened to its first residents. It has chased and successfully seen resolved hundreds of issues. The Developer, Management Agents and the Council listen to us because we are firm and persistent while maintaining a positive working relationship.

If you are interested in joining a committee please get in touch via the website.


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