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TP24 downlighter bulbs

The issue off the dodgy TP24 downlighter bulbs in flats on southwest side of Square  (i.e. Sledge Tower and others)
Yes there seems to be a problem with many of  TP24 long-necked bulbs set up in ceiling of Kitchen areas blowing inside of a year of their installation. While followup this up  I contacted the people who sell the TP24 yesterday ( http://www.tp24.com/shop/all-products/lamps-bulbs)  for some replacement bulbs ( 3 5.50 each) and they told me to guarantee them into the future, to  ‘register’ my  fresh purchase of the  what they call the ‘replacement bulb’ ( see ref number below) which will guarantee them for 2 years. .
It does all seem very tedious but hopefully they have designed a new bulb with a better life span
For those residents who are still within the five-year life span guarantee for their flat. It would be worth contacting Barratt Homes customer service to see if you can claim the cost of the bulbs from them.
Their ref to bulb is 8722 LED 3W Opaque Spot L1/GU10 Cap (2886, 2884 & 2318 Replacement)

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