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Next DSRA Zoom meeting: May 9, 2023 @ 7:30pm

The next interim DSRA meeting will be held over Zoom on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 7:30pm, and should not last more than 45′. Here is the zoom link, you will be required to register so that we can automatically take attendance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are a leaseholder, and you have not yet signed-up to the new Dalston Square RA, please consider doing so: https://tinyurl.com/DalstonSq

Tentative Agenda (to be finalized on Tuesday)

  • Status updates on building block reps; sign-ups; liaising with DS businesses, Curve, the school; insurance; townhalls
  • Discuss communication channels (WhatsApp DS community groups, emails, etc)
  • Call for help re: organizing the 2 Townhall-style meetings with
    a. Mayor, Council, Barratt, re: the state of the square and the cladding works and with
    b. FP re: service charges, communication, quality of service and maintenance
  • Call for more building reps. If your building is not represented, please consider volunteering (ideally via the WhatsApp groups prior to the meeting)!
  • Anything else members might want to bring up. If possible, flag via WhatsApp prior to the meeting.

May 2023: The DSRA is back!

We are in the process of rebooting the Dalston Square RA! We have an interim RA in place, with a primary goal to have a recognised RA. We need all Leaseholders to sign up to it via this form: http://tinyurl.com/dalstonsq

DSRA Buildings Sub Committee : 10-12pm Friday December 7th

Note there will be a 30 minute ‘walkabout’ with site manager starting in Gaumont Tower Lobby at 9.30am
1)  First Port Log
 Additional issues raised by residents:
  a) Gym
  b) Setting up a gardening club
  c) Lifts repairs
  d) LED lighting
  e) Asset Managment
2) Dalston Square
Hackney Council update
3) First Port 2018-19 budget
Summary of spending to date- against predictions
4) AOB
Next meeting : Spring 2019

Contact us via the DSRA letter box Gaumont Tower Lobby or the Site Management Office if you would like to add additional items 

Proposal for a live music event in Dalston Square

Dear Dalston Square Cultural Forum members

I hope you are all well and had a  good summer.

I’m attaching a proposal for a live music event in Dalston Square on 12 October, as part of Hackney’s Black History Month celebrations.  The proposal is being made by Hackney’s library service and a representative of the service will meet with us before the event to talk through their plans.  As soon as I have been able to set a date for that meeting I will be back in touch.  In the meantime, if you have any comments, suggestions or concerns about the proposal, please do get in touch with me.

Best wishes,


Lucy Mcmenemy

Cultural Programme Officer

Communications, Culture and Engagement

Chief Executive’s Directorate

Hackney Council

Hackney Town Hall

Mare Street

London E8 1EA

Tel. 020 8356 2919

Email: lucy.mcmenemy@hackney.gov.uk

Seeking… Chairperson / new members DSRA Building Maintenance Sub Committee

After 7 very productive years, the current Chairperson of the ‘Buildings Committee’ is stepping down. The DSRA is now looking for new members and someone to take on the role of chairperson.

The group meets every 3 months with First Port management to go through issues related to the day to day running of our estate.

The kind of things we focus on are:

  • Building glitches -(ie chase Barratts)
  • Cleaning
  • Waste management
  • General repair and maintenance
  • Terraces and greening
  • Security issues
  • Issues related to the Square
  • Long term refurbishment projects and costs

If you are interested in helping out, but perhaps do not feel ready to take on responsibility for chairing a group, please nevertheless contact us. We are always looking for fresh members for the committee. A friendly welcome is guaranteed!

Contact us via the DSRA letter box Gaumont Tower Lobby or the Site Management Office. 

Residents Association  ‘Buildings Maintenance Group’ Friday 8th June 


1)   First Port Log.

2)   First Port surveyor’s MAY walkabout review- additional items for Capex / AMP

3)   FP Asset  Management Plan  ( AMP or Capex) -Predicting long term maintenance and repair costs. A summary review 

4)   ‘Buildings Committee’ future … working  in tandem with Finance Committee – solutions

5) AOB

BMC  May  2018


If you are a DALSTON SQUARE resident and have any items you would like to add to this agenda please email Gerald at Gerald.Bernard@firstport.co.uk or put a note in the DSRA letter box in the reception area of Gaumont Tower.

The Residents’ Buildings and Maintenance Committee

The Residents Association set up a ‘Buildings’committee from the first days of the complex opening. The committee works closely with FirstPort to ensure our buildings are well maintained. 

The ‘Buildings Committee’ meets four times a year. Face to face with First Port regional and local managers.  A resident always chairs the meetings. Our aim is to ensure that our buildings, and all common areas, (lobbies, stairwells, corridors, roof terraces, garages, lifts etc) are kept in good order. The committee also considers the longer term upkeep of the buildings.

We get sight of FirstPort’s budget and their Asset Management Plan to help ensure proper measures are taken to buffer against future large item expenditures.

While FirstPort deal with day to day maintenance issues as they arise, the committee maintains its own ‘Repair and Maintenance Log’ of items raised by residents. We check on progress at each meeting. Any resident can attend this meeting or add an item to the Log.

The minutes of the last meeting are available in hard copy for residents only.  They can be obtained from the Site Manager’s office in Gaumont Tower, during office hours. Ask the concierge desk for directions or contact Gerald Bernard the Site Manager directly if you want a copy.

Future meetings and agendas will be advertised on this site. Next meeting is scheduled for June the 8th 10 am.

All residents are welcome to attend. Please contact First Port offices to express interest.

Welcome & Easter Egg Hunt report

Welcome to the Dalston Square Residents Association website

The ‘DSRA’ is composed of volunteers who represent residents’ interests.  We hold regular meetings with FirstPort to ensure the best level service and ensure our money is well spent. We are a welcoming group. If you want to help organize a social event or join a committee, please get in touch!

We have two working ‘committees’; The ‘Finance Committee’ which reviews First Port’s budget and accounts; and a ‘Buildings Committee’ which works closely with the Site Manager to ensure standards of upkeep, cleaning and maintenance meet requirements.

The aim of this website is to keep residents informed of our activities and events.

Upbeat 2018 Easter Egg Hunt

Thank you to all those residents and children who turned up for this lively event! It was very good to meet some new neighbours, sip hot tea and coffee, drink wine and to enjoy some roof top sunshine and warming spring air.

The Thomas – Burke roof garden proved an ideal place to hide chocolate eggs. Thanks to all those who brought them along and especially for Gerald Bernard for his generous contribution!

There were plenty of keen and energetic children to add to the mix.  There were several ‘hunts’ organized as little hands delved into the shrubbery and grasses. Over a hundred chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes were found, consumed or smuggled home.

Hopefully the event will become a Dalston Square Easter tradition.

The DSRA usually holds a late summer (September) roof top garden party. Interested in helping? Get in touch with the DSRA via the letter box in Gaumont Tower or by email.


Easter Egg Hunt


Cultural events in the Square?

Have you ever felt that the Square could be enlivened? Do you want to help create a sense of community? A sense of things going on in the Square on those warm summer days?Hackney Council Arts.jpgLucy McMenemy the energetic Hackney Arts and  Culture coordinator and driver is keen to hear from residents in the Square.
Join in and make yourself heard!