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Dalton Street Show


Call for Entries

Deadline for submission 9 September 2016

THE DALSTON STREET SHOW is a dynamic new exhibition of street photography created as part of the Dalston Cultural Programme.

Dalston Day & Night is the theme for the show. Images demonstrating the diversity of Dalston, it’s people, it’s street life, it’s built environment, will be seen from the street, displayed in the windows of Dalston shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, on poster boards and inside a selection of local venues.

The Street Show exhibition will take place over a period of 4 weeks from 14 October to 14 November 2016 during Photomonth East London – the annual International Photography Festival.

The Call for Entries is open to all kinds of photographers, professional and non-professional, students, schools, community groups, youth projects and local residents of all ages, who are invited to submit images of Dalston to be selected for exhibition.

Entry is FREE Please complete the attached Entry Form and send in with up to 5 high res images per individual entrant or up to 10 high res images per group entry to info@alternativearts.co.uk  All images to be at 300dpi. Early submission advised.

The management reserve the right to reject work not deemed suitable for exhibition.

All participants will be invited to the opening of The Dalston Street Show on Friday 14 November from 6pm to 8pm in Dalston Square when the submitted images will be projected to live music.


Entry Form Here: Dalston Street Show Entry Form


Opinions & Choices

First a quick piece of half-news: The last retail unit is now being worked on. Top of the stairs as you leave the Square heading for the rear entrance to Dalston Junction station, the last piece of the Dalston Square commercial jigsaw slots into place. Although I am still unsure of the name of the restaurant or the owner, I can confirm it is to be a Japanese restaurant. More to come when I learn of it.

Now news of a new project running in Dalston for the duration of March (and beyond?). Many of you will be aware of services like Yelp that can point you to the right bar, cafe, and/or restaurant when you want it (particularly great as a smart-phone app). How about a research tool that allows you to comment on, not just food and drink establishments but, everything an area has to offer. And the ability to read other peoples opinions of course. Below is the poster that launched the project over the weekend. In their words “… CPRE London and Commonplace have created a different way for you to share your ideas about your neighbourhood. Using your phone, home computer or other internet device, you can comment in real time, share your views, and also find out what other people in your neighbourhood think. Information is immediately available to you or your organisation…. Register now on Dalston.Commonplace.is…” A chance to get your geek on.