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Decorators, Lobby Odours, Local Parking, Climate Change March

As promised, the second part of the news update.

Phase 1 Re-decoration

As Collins Tower residents will be aware, the 5 yearly redecoration of all communal areas of the residential blocks of Phase 1 has started. As per the maintenance schedules, all shared corridors get a fresh lick of paint every 5 years to keep the place looking clean and fresh. The contractors will be working on one block at a time, working south from Collins down to Labyrinth.

Phase 3 Lobby Odours

An earlier problem thought rectified has reared it’s ugly head again, hitting Sledge Tower the hardest. The new work on the podium area of the square at the top of the steps between Thomas and Sledge Towers is in connection with this (as was the complete re-waterproofing that was undertaken up there a few months ago). Barratt are also doing internal investigations with cameras in the walls etc.. The problem is locating the source of the odours: I have walked the full length of the sub-basement myself (which runs beneath phases 2 and 3) and although there is some water ingress down there (a problem in it’s own right that is also being investigated), there are no odours whatsoever. Not even damp or musty: Nothing. Likewise the bases of the elevator shafts: Clean and odour free. Just to stress that this is a Barratt issue and not a Consort one. On-site Consort Manager Gerald Bernard may know what has happened so far (mostly), but may not know all the details of what Barratt plan to do to resolve the problem, or is in any way ‘responsible’ for the issue and it’s resolution, so mis-directed pressure on him will not get you very far. If you have questions regarding the issue or how Barratt plan to address it, you will need to speek to Barratt customer service (number in right hand column of our website homepage).

Parking on Rhodes Estate

As any driver will tell you, parking anywhere around Dalston Square is tricky: There are some metered spots but not many. Until recently, some visitors making just short stops here have chanced their arm and parked in and around the Rhodes Estate: Our neighbours to the east, across Beechwood Road. A word to the wise: The residents of the estate have had enough of this illegal parking and engaged a clamping/towing company to monitor the estate. If you or your friends have parked there in the past, don’t try it again. You have been warned.

Represent Hackney on the Climate Change Demonstration

With support from Hackney Energy, Hackney Local Government Unison Branch, and Hackney Trades Union Council, Sustainable Hackney are calling on all residents of Hackney to join them, dressed in yellow, on the Climate Change March this coming Saturday 7th March. See their website HERE for details, or check out the poster below (click the thumbnail to see a larger version).

Climate Action