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Super-fast 1Gb Internet

Hello again. We have had a very interesting post (interesting to regular internet users anyway) in the forum today from resident Paul, which I thought warranted a post here. I quote:

Noticed a poster up on Gaumont Tower’s notice board about a month ago that has since disappeared. It was advertising a high speed fibre optic broadband service for the Dalston Square development with speeds of up to 1Gb per second. The company is called Hyperoptic and you can register your interest at www.hyperoptic.com. I dropped them an email and they told me:

“If we get 55 requests for service, we will move Dalston Square onto our priority list for installation and then we will engage with the Freeholder. Installation commences within 6 weeks of signed wayleave. (This can take weeks or longer.) Service will be live about 4 weeks later”.

They also said they had already conducted a feasibility survey with the Development Manager which was positive & to date had received about 15 requests for service, so if we can get another 40 then we can look to go live with this service. Please register with them if this is of interest to you!! www.hyperoptic.com.

Now, I will admit that at £50 per month this is not cheap. But, 1Gb!! They also offer a 100Mb connection for £25 per month. If you use a lot of bandwidth on a regular basis, or are simply a geek (like me 🙂 ) this is an awesome connection at a very reasonable price.


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