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Meeting Reminder & Agenda

Hi folks. Just a quick reminder for all residents of the Square that there will be a general meeting of the Residents’ Association next week. Open to ALL residents (renters and owners alike) the meeting will be hosted by my partner Christine and myself on Tuesday 20th November, at 61 Gaumont Tower, starting promptly at 7.00pm, and chaired by DSRA Chairperson Ben Collins. These meetings generally run for approx 90 minutes and I expect this one will be no different. Listed here below is the agenda for the meeting. Whether you have an opinion you want to express, or just want to know/see how things work at these meetings, every resident is welcome to come along.


1) Consort Management Changes

Consort’s proposals versus what residents want.

2) Dalston Square Commercial Units

Bars, restaurants, crèches: What fits and how do Barrat’s wishes compare to those of the residents.

3) Bicycle Security

4) Noisy And Disruptive Late-Night Parties

What further measures can we take?

5) 2013-2014 Service Charges

We have been invited to list our expenditure priorities in a pre-budget meeting with Consort. What are the resident’s priorities?

6) Christmas Social

7) Any Other Business


3 responses

  1. maisie collin

    Bi, i emailed ben my apologies and agenda couple of days ago, let me know if you need it again, cheers

    Kind regards
    Maisie collin
    Tel- 07854293307
    http://www.eoto.co.uk (Trustee)
    (This e mail has been sent from my iPhone)

    Wednesday, 14 November, 2012 at 5:50 pm


    Hi guys, unfortunately I was not able to make the meeting this time – hope it was productive.

    One point I wanted to raise was the issue of package deliveries for Tomas Tower and the other buildings in Phase 2 of Dalston Square. Currently there is a problem in that private delivery companies are not aware of the concierge service at Gaumont Tower, and as they are not able to get into the building to put the notice slips in the relevant post boxes, they have been forced to simply hang the notice slips on the outside of the main door – not ideal of course.

    This problem could easily be remedied buy a permanent sign next to the main door which clearly informs any confused delivery guys that packages are to be delivered to the concierge at the other side of the square.

    Is this something that the Resident Association could deal with? I will also send an email to Consort to this effect.

    Best regards

    Stig Eriksen Flat 37 – Thomas Tower


    Wednesday, 21 November, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    • Hi Stig. I did mention this issue to Ben Collins on Thursday before a meeting with Consort and Barrat, but agree a personal letter or communication to Consort would be a very good follow up. This is clearly a problem that would be easily remedied.

      Sunday, 25 November, 2012 at 12:04 pm

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