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Buildings Glitches & Playground Voting Results

With there being the possibility of a meeting between DSRA reps and Barratt Homes senior management later in the week (Thursday), we were wondering if there are issues we need to raise with them (beyond the ones we are working on and have been mentioned or discussed either here or on our discussions forum)? We are not talking about maintenance issues (Consort’s responsibility), or anything regarding the public square (down to the council) but rather issues with the construction or structure of the blocks themselves. If there are problems you have reported to Barratt but which have not been properly addressed, please let us know asap. We are also always on the lookout for any resident who is interested in being part of the DSRA Buildings & Maintenance sub-committee. If you are interested, and able to attend occasional day-time meetings in the square (usually quarterly) please do get in touch.

Voting has now closed on the selection of the replacement playground equipment and the top 3 choices were the Balance Blocks (20 votes), See-saw (20 votes), and Wobble dish (10 votes). The full voting list can be find in the last post of THIS forum thread, which has now been passed on to Cory Defoe at Hackney Council.


6 responses

  1. lucy

    Hi mark, Can ask Barrat if they intend to paint/finish stairwells? Would be nice for these to loll better to encourage people to use them… They look like they are half finished. Thanks Lucy


    Monday, 14 July, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    • Hi Lucy

      This subject has already been put to them and their reply was that no allowance was ever made for them to be decorated and Barratt will not be paying to make them so. Basically they are just being cheap, but will not budge. Sorry, we did try.

      Monday, 14 July, 2014 at 2:08 pm

  2. silvia

    Hi. We have a flat in Abraham House and look onto Marley House.

    There is an issue at level 1 to 2 – flashings are missing in parts and pigeons are nesting in the voids- in the long term this might also lead to water damage

    We also saw that some facade panel at the top of Marley House, facade facing North, appear to be buckled/ warped.

    Tuesday, 15 July, 2014 at 8:30 am

    • Hi Silvia. That doesn’t sound good at all. Have you reported these issues to Barratt? If so, when and what was their response? Have they been out to have a look?

      Wednesday, 16 July, 2014 at 5:42 pm

  3. Cristina Soria

    Good morning,

    I am one of the residents in gaumont tower and I have few points I would like to raise to the resident’s association.

    1) playground equipment: in the mail below, almost 2 months ago, the new playground equipment was already decided and, therefore, I will expect it would be completed by now but the contraction has not been started. Is there any problem holding this back? When do we expect it to be finished?

    2) litter and reciclable room at gaumont tower: I find the room where we leave our bin disgusting, dirty and very smelly. I think it should be clean mpre regularly and more important it needs ventilation. I have observed there are 2 doors on that room, may be if the concierge leaves both open there will be a better ventilation.

    3) comunal terraces: my balcony has views to the 4th floor terrace at gaumont tower. Most of the days there is litter on it (crips bags, papers, even a broken egg…). I think we should ask residents to be more respectful of the terraces and also may be they could be clean one per week.

    4) balconies: in all the previous buildings I have lived with balconies and similar standards that gaumont tower, there were some rules regarding things you could have on the balconies (specifically no bikes and no hanging cloths).may be they were too restrictive and I think it is good to have some freedom but I think using the balconies as storage should not be allow because it looks so ugly for other residents.

    5) something not very important but I have realised is that oncour stairs there are no numbers in each floor. It is only bit annoying because sometimes I use the stairs and unless you are counting you have no clue which floor you are in. Also, If there is an emergency and people has to use the stairs will be nice to know how far the went at each point I think.

    6) just out off curiosity, the square, the retail unit that says “under offer”, is it really under offer? It seems to me it has been under offer for ages now. It is a shame because will be nice to have something running there.

    7) barclays/Boris bikes: i think i already mentioned I will find very useful and convenient trying to get bikes extended until our area and I think they would be very successful given that most of the residents are young people.

    Hope this helps.



    Monday, 8 September, 2014 at 7:42 am

    • Hi Cristina, let me see if I can answer your questions.

      1) The latest word from the council is that after waiting a while to ensure there were no more comments and/or complaints regarding the vote outcome, equipment has now been ordered. Apparently all this equipment is made to order so expect a little more wait for that , then the work of installation has to be scheduled. Progress is slow but things are ‘happening’. We have no set date for completion other than ‘Soon’.

      2) The rubbish rooms are a bit whiffy it has to be said, but they are cleaned fairly regularly. More cleaning simply is not possible without hiring more staff to do the work which would mean further increases in service charges etc: This is not going to happen, sorry. With regard opening the doors for ventilation, this is not possible because fire regulations require those doors to remain closed at all times (except for access of course). We have to accept that this is a bin room and while attempts will be made to keep it as clean as possible, it is going to smell.

      3) The problem of litter is as old as humanity. Everyone knows they should not do it but many do it anyway. Telling people what they already know is pointless. With regard cleaning, this should already be done on a regular basis but if it is not being done, please report that fact to Gerald Bernard, our on-site, Consort, Development Manager.

      4) This is an issue that has been raised before. Though many, including myself, agree with you, there is simply no way to institute, and enforce, such a rule.

      5) Again, this has been raised before. The answer we received was that no numbers are required. You will have to keep counting I am afraid.

      6) From what I understand, that unit has been rented and will become a Spanish tapas bar/restaurant. Apparently they are setting up a different restaurant at the moment but will start on this one as soon as the other is up and running.

      7) Another one that has been raised before. The bikes are a scheme run by TFL (Transport for London) and the only way we would get them here would be if they decided this would be a good spot for them. If you wish to encourage them to set them up here, you could try contacting them yourself but there is very little any of us can do beyond that.

      Hope these answers have helped. This blog, although it has this comments system, is not really the best when it comes to lengthy comments. Can I recommend using the discussions forum in future? It is much better for this sort of thing and much easier for others to join-in the discussion.

      Thursday, 11 September, 2014 at 9:20 am

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