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Restaurant Fire Plus Phase 1 Kitchen Ventilation

Restaurant Fire

As I am sure everyone is by now aware, fire gutted Nancy’s Pantry, the children orientated restaurant here in the square, early this past Tuesday morning. The fire started at around 7.30am and was attended by 6 fire tenders and 35 firemen and officers from Shoreditch, Homerton, Stoke Newington, and Islington fire stations. A dozen residents from immediately above the restaurant were evacuated as a precaution, but the fire was contained within the restaurant and fully extinguished by 9.30am. The fire, it seems, was caused by an electrical fault, possibly with a refrigerator or the socket it was plugged into: The fire brigade are investigating and will no doubt report back soon.

In the wake of the fire there have been 3 very important questions asked which I would like to address here:

Why did audible alarms not sound throughout Labyrinth Tower when the fire detectors were triggered? The answer is very simple: There are none (despite the fact that the fire warning instruction signs posted within each block are based on what to do on hearing alarms). There are of course smoke detectors with audible alarms in each and every apartment, but in public areas the smoke detectors have no alarm attached, and for a very good reason: In the event of fire, you are supposed to stay put in your apartment (unless a) the fire is in your apartment, or b) you are instructed to evacuate by fire and/or safety officials). If there were audible alarms throughout the building, people would attempt evacuation without knowing where the fire is, potentially heading in the direction of the fire. If you are unaware of the drill in the event of a fire anywhere in the square, the official fire policy document for Dalston Square is available for download at our discussions forum HERE: Please do read it if you have not already done so.

How did smoke manage to infiltrate the stairwell of Raddon Tower next door? As yet we have no answer as to how the smoke managed to cross from one block to it’s neighbour (something that certainly should not be possible), but this is being investigated and will hopefully be rectified soon: The DSRA will follow this issue over the coming weeks.

Why did the AOV (Automatic Opening Vent) system fail to clear the smoke from Raddon Tower’s stairwell? There was simply insufficient smoke for it to make it from the stairwell into any of the corridors where the smoke detectors would have triggered the system. For those not familiar with this system, check your hallway and you will see a panel somewhere in the wall labelled ‘Smoke Shaft Door’. In the event of the smoke detectors being triggered, these ‘doors’ open to reveal a large vent system. At the same time, powerful fans on the roof of the block kick in to push huge quantities of fresh air down through the stairwell, strong enough to push open the fire doors leading from the stairwell into each and every floor’s corridors, and thereby forcing any smoke in those corridors out into the vent system: Very clever. Remember that it is estimated that at least half (and by some estimates as many as 80%) of all fire deaths are due to the inhalation of smoke rather than burning.

Phase 1 kitchen ventilation

Finally our persistence in pursuing Barratt with regard an extraction system for the kitchens of the restaurants in phase 1 (the eastern side of the square) has borne fruit. Barratt have now submitted plans to Hackney Council to retro-fit a proper, above roof-line, extraction system. Currently all these restaurants simply pump their smoke and fumes into the rear service tunnel (that runs from Gaumont Tower through to Labyrinth Tower) from where it is finding it’s way into lobbies, and up into the residential parts of each block. As is usual with this king of planning application (a visual change to Gaumont Tower as the ducting will be fitted to the outside of the rear of the block), the council is giving the general public the opportunity to comment on the proposal. Residents of Gaumont Tower have received direct communication from the council regarding this, but for other phase 1 residents who have supported our campaign, not received this letter, but who would like the opportunity to comment on the application, the process can be done online HERE. All comments must be in by 26th September so get your comments in soon. For Phase 2 residents who are concerned that they will experience a similar problem when the Japanese restaurant in Thomas Tower opens for business, worry not: You already have a proper extraction system in place.


6 responses

  1. maisie collin

    Hi, thanks for update, we were not allowed back in the building till 11.30 and there was heavy smoke in the corridor, enough to make us cough throughout the day. We also had to cancel childcare for the day and refund parents. I have tried to log in to the DSRA account but it wont let me, i need to read and save the fire info. please could you help, it says it does not recognise my email? also i emailed you a while ago re playground, did you get it? cheers

    Kind Regards

    Maisie Collin

    Sunday, 14 September, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    • Hi Maisie. You are not the first to mention Labyrinth’s smoke: I have been told that the AOV worked as it should but was reset before it had a chance to fully clear all corridors. A lesson has been learned. With regard the forum, you do not need to be logged in (or even registered) to download the document. When you next want to log in though, you are definitely still registered and I have just checked your account and it is working fine: The only explanation is that you mis-typed your email address: Try it again. ;o)

      Sunday, 14 September, 2014 at 1:06 pm

  2. fiona duffelen

    great email Mark you’re a star although really consort should be paying you for doing their job! See you soon x

    Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2014 12:46:11 +0000 To: feeduffelen@hotmail.com

    Monday, 15 September, 2014 at 5:27 am

    • Thanks Fee. ;o)

      Monday, 15 September, 2014 at 4:49 pm

  3. Cristina Soria

    Could you please also send an update regarding the children playground replacement in the square?



    Monday, 15 September, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    • Hi Christina.

      Nothing more to add than my reply to your comment on my previous post. Just a waiting game now while the cogs of local government turn (albeit very slowly).

      Monday, 15 September, 2014 at 4:52 pm

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