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Firstly, we now have a venue and an agenda for this coming Thursday’s DSRA ‘Open Meeting’. The venue is to be the CLR James Library (just ask at the library reception and they will be able to point you to the meeting room), and the agenda can be seen on the flyer at the foot of this post (click the thumbnail image to see it full size). As I mentioned in my last post, of particular interest at this time is Consort’s budget for our service/maintenance charges for the 2014/15 financial year. Members of our financial committee will be present at the meeting to report back on their meeting with Consort last week where that budget was presented to us: The news is not good.

On the 11th October last year I published a post (HERE) advising of a survey Hackney Council was running in order to gauge opinion on the subject of making Dalston an SPA (special policy area). This is used to control last night licensing in areas where a large number of such licenses already exist (if you followed the link I posted in the comments beneath that post, HERE, there was a very sound argument against such a carte blanche policy). Well, in a recent council meeting the council decided to go ahead with the plan. For further reading on the subject, HERE are details on the council’s own website, and two very good reports that give some extra info and interesting stats can be found HERE (Hackney Citizen) and HERE (East London Lines).

Lastly, updates on the two new restaurants that will soon be opening in the Square. First to open will be Nancy’s Pantry (in the space that was once the Barratt sales office): Currently scheduled to open their doors at 10am on Sunday 9th February. This is a restaurant that will be focusing on children and the family so is well placed in a development the size of Dalston Square. Check out their Facebook page HERE to be teased with pictures of items from their menu. Not too far behind them, though I do not yet have a date, will be Le Ziz (in the space below the gym in Gaumont Tower). Their website is still under construction and I do not yet have a great deal of details but what I can tell you is this: It will be a Mediterranean and Anatolian ‘fine dining’ restaurant, with a designated lounge area with a more relaxed atmosphere. They have also said that they will be holding a buffet/cocktail style launch event, just before their official opening, for residents of the Square: Very exciting. More news on that very soon.

One last thing before I finish (whilst on the subject of Dalston Square Businesses), are you aware of ‘The Mayor of Hackney’s Business Awards’? These are annual awards given out to Hackney businesses and business people in various categories. One of these categories is the Peoples Choice Award, and here the winner is voted for, from a shortlist, by the public. And would you believe that two of the list of 30 businesses belong to Dalston Square residents: Fiona ‘Fee’ Eastwood’s ‘Fee Fee La Fou‘ on Bradbury Street, and husband and wife team Murat & Melek Erdal’s ‘Cafe Route‘ right here on the Square. Unfortunately you can only vote once so this could be a toughie, but please do vote and support your neighbours.

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Liquor And Laundry

Two topics today for your consideration, the first being the latest licence application for Dalston Square. Nancy’s Pantry (also on Twitter HERE) will be opening in Unit 5 (the Barrat sales office) in February. In an email communication with the DSRA they told us “Our aim is to deliver the most family friendly restaurants in the UK, starting with our flagship site in Dalston…….. To create a space that is as fun for children as it is for parents, somewhere to eat great food, relax and where the kids can enjoy activities and have fun.” We were also told their business hours would be 8am until 6pm. All sounds very promising and a very welcome addition to the Square I would say. Sadly, their licence application includes a request for a liquor licence allowing them to serve alcohol from 8am until 1am. If this concerns you, full details of their application, plus how to voice your opinion to Hackney Council’s licensing board before they make a decision on the application (all submissions to the council must be in by 17th December) can be found in a thread on our forum HERE. Nancy’s Pantry have been made aware of our concerns and were yesterday invited to our forum to comment. Hopefully we can come to a agreement on what licence is needed for their business to succeed, rather than a carte blanche licence that could be abused by some future proprietor of that premises. Head on over to the forum thread and give Nancy’s Pantry your opinion now (everyone can read the forum posts but to contribute you will need to register: A very simple 2 minute process).

The second topic is laundry. As you will have noticed, but for ads beneath each post if you click into them (this is put there by the company hosting our website and drastically reduces our hosting costs), there is no advertising on this website. If, however, a local business wishes to offer residents of the Square, or indeed all Dalston residents, a discount, I am happy to let you know about it. I am also more than willing to help promote the businesses actually in the Square (I should also stress that no money ever changes hands for this promotion). Such is the case with Laundry Republic. They have been operating a service for Dalston Square residents, via the concierge desk in Gaumont Tower, for quite a while now, but are running a promotion (with some nice discounts) to build their existing client base. So, if you are interested in a service that will collect your dry cleaning/laundry/alteration needs/shoe repairs from the concierge and deliver them back once completed, and like to take advantage of first time user/resident discounts, check out their post in the forum HERE.