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New Parking Permits & DSRA Autumn Get-Together

Hello residents and neighbours of Dalston Square, time to bring you up to date with all that is happening in and around the Square. There is though quite a bit to say so I am going to break it down into a few posts over the next few days to avoid boring you all with an info-overload.

For today then, 3 very important things to tell you about. Firstly, one for all of you who own or rent a parking space below phase 1. I have just posted the latest Residents’ Alert from Consort to our Forum which gives notice that new parking permits are currently being issued to replace the existing ones. If you have such a permit, read the alert HERE.

Secondly, the latest news regarding Telford Homes planned redevelopment of Holy Trinity School at the south-east corner of the Square. Most of you will already know that Hackney Council rejected the plans on many grounds including problems with the design, it’s contravening the council’s own DAAP, and it’s impact on local residents (both in the Square and outside). What you may not all know is that the developers then went over the council’s head and directly approached the offices of London Mayor Boris Johnson, the GLA, who have the power to overrule Hackney Council. The GLA are currently looking to do just that, on the grounds of needing the extra school places, but before giving the final go-ahead will be holding a public Representation Hearing (date to be announced but expected to be before the end of the year). In the meantime however, the next Hackney Council Dalston Ward Forum meeting will be held in the CLR James Library on Monday 7th October between 7pm and 9pm, where this topic will be further discussed. When I have more info on the GLA Representation Hearing I will of course let you all know.

Lastly, and probably most importantly 😉 it is time for the DSRA Autumn get-together. Posters are being produced for each blocks’ notice-board, and flyers are on the way to residents’ mail-boxes, but here are the details so you can plan ahead. Click into the thumbnail image below to see it full size.

Autumn Get-tog

That’s it for now folks, but I will be posting again very soon with news of what the DSRA have been up to, on your behalf, over the summer months.