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Agenda For Next Week’s Meeting

Hello neighbours. Just wanted to share with you the agenda for next week’s DSRA meeting. If you have suggestions for other topics, do feel free to make contact with Ben through the forum with them. Or you can of course attend the meeting and raise them in AOB.

Dalston Square Residents Association Committee Meeting

March 20th 2012, 7pm to 9pm, Flat 61 Gaumont Tower

Draft Agenda. (comments by return please)

Intro: Welcome to new members.

1) Report on March 13th meeting with Council (Dalston Action Plan and it consequences for us).

2) Report and discussion on changes in services charges 2012-2013
Information for 2012 -2013?
Have the charges been consistent in different blocks/different status of residents?
Charging for the Consort undercharging of 2010-2011?

3) Buildings Sub Committee – report back on mtg with Consort managers
Progress on buildings and maintenance
Response and analysis of residents questionnaire

4) Concerns about some residents (tenants?) breaching leasehold conditions to detrimental effect of standards. What can/should be done?

5) Right-to-manage progress

6) Communications. The website – making it work for us
Next Newsletter.

7) Easter Social – Easter Egg Hunt
June 2nd Street Party Beechwood Rd.- Trinity Centre

8) Future DSRA Committee meetings venues
Sub Committees and new people joining them. Helping keeping track and sharing info etc

9) AOB


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