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Lots Of Minutes….. But Not An Hour.

Lots of meeting minutes to share with you, all posted over at the forum. Firstly, from a meeting of the Dalston Lane Community Working Group Ben Collins (DSRA Chair) and I attended back in December HERE. Secondly, from a meeting of the DSRA’s Buildings Maintenance sub-committee meeting with Barrat and Consort on January 10th HERE. Thirdly, from the DSRA general meeting of January 10th HERE. Lastly, sent to me by Lucy McMenemy of Hackney Council, minutes from the meeting of the Culture and Community Engagement Forum meeting for Dalston Square that was held on January 16th HERE (scroll down to my last entry on the page). As always, simply click the highlighted link to save a pdf copy of the document to your computer for your perusal. If you are unable to access the first three links above, read THIS, and, if you qualify, follow it’s instructions HERE. Just a thought (which led to my post title above); If you have minutes from 60 meetings, do you have an hour? 🙂

One last thing before leaving you all in peace. I have been contacted by Nick Griffiths of Land Of Kings (www.landofkings.co.uk) organisers of an annual Dalston music and arts festival. Let me share his email with you:

The fifth Land of Kings (2013) will take place on Sunday May 5th and we will also be debuting a new festival the following day (Monday 6th) aimed at local families, to be called “Land of Kids”.  Both festivals are collaborations with a number of local artistic and cultural venues such as Arcola Theatre, Bootstrap Company (including Print House Gallery, The Bunker and Dalston Roofpark) and Café Oto.  The night time part of the programme also includes venues across the neighbourhood such as Vortex Jazz Club, The Alibi, Servant Jazz Quarters, Rio Cinema, Birthdays, Shacklewell Arms etc.
In previous years the festival has taken place largely in the area’s indoor music and arts venues as well as a few temporary event spaces for which we have applied for Temporary Events Notices (TEN).   We are planning an outdoor element to the festival this year, on Ashwin Street and in Abbot Street car park,  and for that we’re required to apply for a temporary Premises License as the number of people we are expecting is more than 499 (the limit for running an event under a TEN).
As part of the planning for this year’s event we wanted to check in with local residents groups to share our plans as well as what we will be doing to limit the impact on the area and work with local people to make it as successful and smooth running an event as possible for all.  I wondered if you’d be able to share this email and the attached site plan with your respective groups.  The main part of our license application pertains to the car park at the end of Abbot Street where we’re hoping to build a temporary live music stage, to run in the afternoon until 10pm on Sunday 5th May, and until 7pm on Monday 6th May.
The site plan is attached below: click on the thumbnail image to see the full-size version. Is it just me or does this sound really cool? More details will follow when finalised. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks.
Land of Kings Site Plan

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  2. Mark


    Thank you for all minutes – you and the rest of committee are doing a great job. J

    Two things for DSRA’s Buildings Maintenance sub-committee s:

    1. A while back I asked Gerry if it was possible play back the CCTV to check something that had happen the previous night. He and the rest of the Consort team seemed to have great difficulty with the CCTV system – basically they were not able to use it. Gerry commented it was not the best of systems. The impression I got was Barratt had supplied a poor system. This concerns me as CCTV is critical given the current security problems.

    2. On the Landings do quite so many of the lights need to permanently on? On my small landing in Raddon tower there are from memory 50-60% of the 28 watt ‘D-lights’ permanently on (i.e. not controlled by movement sensors). Even switching one or two of these off would save a lot of money over the course of the year.


    Tuesday, 12 February, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    • Hi Mark. I will pass your questions on to the team. Next time, for convenience (this comment section is not the best for Q & A’s), can I ask you to use the forum? Much easier all round. Cheers.

      Wednesday, 13 February, 2013 at 7:44 am

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