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New Consort Section In Forum

Hello neighbours. In a recent meeting between DSRA representatives and Consort management, it was acknowledged by both sides that any attempt to improve communications between Consort and residents would be a good thing. To this end, a new system has been put in place. This will not replace the current system of notice boards, text & email service, and standard mail, but rather will compliment these in the hope of reaching some who miss the other communication streams.

The new system is a new section within the DSRA discussions forum. The new section, titled ‘Consort Memos & Notices’ is divided into 2 sections. The first, ‘Important Notices‘ will contain important information relevant at all times to all residents. The second, ‘Memos & Updates‘ will contain, you guessed it, memos and updates (which will generally be relevant for only a limited time). As mentioned in the ‘Read This First’ post in each of these sections, although posted to the forum by me, these are reproduced, unedited in any way, from emails sent to me by Sean Stone (ConsortPm Development Manager). If you have any questions/queries/feedback regarding these posts, please feel free to reply, but do note that if you want a reply from Sean, you should also contact him direct at sean.stone@consortpm.co.uk.

I would also ask that if you do contact Sean regarding any of these notices, please say you are doing so by way of a reply in the relevant forum thread so others need not contact Sean with the same question. And of course please also share Sean’s reply when you receive it. This could potentially save everyone a lot of valuable time.


Holy Trinity School Consultation

I have been contacted by Sophie Hoskin of Telford Homes with details of an upcoming drop-in event planned for Wednesday 3rd April from 4pm – 8pm. This is the last of 5 events that have happened over the last 4 months or so that allows local residents to view the plans for the proposed development which will greatly enhance the facilities of the school and provide 101 new homes. And with representatives from ‘The Team’ (hopefully the school, Telford Homes, and the architects), this will be your last opportunity to ask questions before Hackney Council’s planning committee make their decision as to whether to give this project the green light. I would like to think that residents of the Square will be receiving flyers in their post boxes, but just in case, you can click the thumbnails below for full details.

school flyer

A Bit Of This And…..

Quite a lot to tell you all about so I have used our forum for all the details. I will summarise each topic here and link you through to the forum to get the full story.

First off, some more meeting minutes, this time from the Finance Sub-committee. These from 2 meetings held so far with regard our Consort service charges for 2013/14: HERE and HERE. It is not good news I am afraid. If you have difficulty with those links, see my last website post where this is addressed (HERE, second to last sentence of the first paragraph).

Next up, one for all you Tweeters out there: We have long had a Twitter account but it hasn’t been used in an age and I have been unable to track down whoever controls it. So a new one has been created: @DalstonSquareRA. Christine (Chair of the RA’s Social Sub-Committee, and my better half) created it and will monitor it. Any responsible persons who wish to tweet relevant info in the name of the RA should contact her for the account password. Please do so via the forum.

Next, some good news from Bootstrap, our neighbours over in Ashwin Street (owners of the roof garden over there among other things): They are changing the programme of how the roof garden will be used, and offering us a place to hold our DSRA meetings free of charge (rather than the £50 the library charge. More HERE.

Just 2 more items, and they are loosely connected. The first of the these is regarding a couple of evenings in May/June when The lost Picture Show are hoping to screen a couple of free to attend movies here in the Square. The question is, will there be objections? Details HERE. And last of all, a couple of current licence applications currently with Hackney Council. I do not foresee any issues with one of them (the Council applying to itself to run free events in the Square for the enjoyment of all), the other though could well garner quite a bit of  opposition. Again a forum link, all the details HERE.

That’s it for now. I wish you all a great weekend, and please do pop over to the forum to share your thoughts on all the issues posted.