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Hyperoptic Broadband Offer

CHAMPQ3 Poster - WEB



I signed up to Hyperoptic and arranged installation the following week. Online sign up was easy and quick, all details were emailed to me with instructions of whats happening and when.

On the day of the installation the engineer turned up on time, dressed smart and ready to go. I offered him a drink but he said he wouldn’t be here long enough – 5 minutes later he was done. I tested it and sure enough i was hitting download and upload speeds well over 800kbps which is astounding. The price, ease of installation and the speed are all factors that make this the best choice for Dalston Square residents.

Use the code above: CHAMPQ3 when ordering to receive £50 off your bill.


Thames House – Notification of Pre-Application Consultation

DSRA Information

Keeping residents informed.

We have been advised of two upcoming events to present plans for the development of the Thames House site on Hartwell street, off Dalston Lane.

The proposal is for a mixed-use scheme with a 50/50 mix of commercial and residential space. 41 new homes will be provided, 50% of which will be affordable. Of these affordable homes, 60% will be available for affordable rent and 40% as shared ownership.

We are holding two events near to the site on Saturday 18th and Sunday 21st June at:

  • Saturday 18th June 14:00-17:00 at Halkevi – Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre
  • Monday 20st June 17:00-20:00 at the Eastern Curve Garden

Here is a link to the information leaflet

DSRA June 2016 Update

Dalston Square Residents’ Association

The DSRA depends on a small group of actively engaged residents. While we don’t know about everything that goes on in such a large complex we do keep an eye on the main issues that affect our welfare and finances.

The main ‘current’ issues have been the recent call for more chances to meet fellow residents- which we responded to by organizing a very successful roof top garden social on May21st – attended by over 70 residents on the first warm day of the summer. Thanks to all those who contributed! The atmosphere was very positive. Many of us learnt about Erika’s fantastic colourful roof garden and several new volunteers to help tend it came forward in true community sprit.

The other issues concern:

  • Restaurant kitchen odours that continue to affect some flats on the east side of the Square. Barratt have agreed to retro installation of a fully integrated restaurant kitchen smoke extraction system. Slow progress and we continue to put pressure on the builders. The Council have asked, and are waiting for a planning submission as there are technical issues to be resolved. Watch this space for developments.
  • Skateboarding is causing distress to families living on lower floors in flats that overlook the Square: personal appeals and ‘soft’ intervention by the Council’s Street Wardens has helped. However the Council has agreed that ‘no skateboarding’ signs are needed, and will be installed soon. Meanwhile residents should register their complaints on Hackney’s Noise Pollution website.  It is possible to call for the Street Wardens. The number is available via the Concierge.
  • Service Charges continue to be a cause for concern. The DSRA has established a ‘Finance Committee’ which meets to go over First Port’s accounts for the Square. In brief, it has taken some time to get a full understanding of First Port’s costs and charges. Vigilance is essential. We are always seeking new members for this committee. If you have a strong interest contact the DSRA via this website or put a note in the DSRA letter box in Gaumont Tower Concierge reception.
  • Maintenance of the Square. The Square belongs to the Council and we have chased the relevant parties to ensure they maintain the green spaces and manage the litter situation. As its use increases with the arrival of more restaurants, we have pressed for high standards. Kim, the street operative, does a good job in difficult circumstances. Those of us who know her appreciate her positive outlook and care for the Square. If you have a chance to pay her your respect personally please do so.

The DSRA has been in operation since the Square opened to its first residents. It has chased and successfully seen resolved hundreds of issues. The Developer, Management Agents and the Council listen to us because we are firm and persistent while maintaining a positive working relationship.

If you are interested in joining a committee please get in touch via the website.

Exclusive DriveNow Membership offer

Dalston Square residents can now take advantage of this limited offer for free lifetime membership with DriveNOW

DriveNow is the on-demand, flexible car sharing scheme operating across the London boroughs of Hackney, Haringey, Islington, and the southern part of Waltham Forest. We’re delighted to be able to offer FREE lifetime membership to all followers of Dalston Square Resident’s Association.

DriveNow How to Video

Here’s how DriveNow works:

Find it – Find your nearest BMW or MINI with the DriveNow app on your phone or tablet.

Drive it – Drive by the minute and only pay when you drive the car – fuel, tax and insurance are all included in the price.

Drop it – Being fully flexible just leave the car in any residents’ bay or pay and display bay within the DriveNow business area for free.

To celebrate BMW’s 100th birthday we our dropping our prices for the summer, now starting for as little as 29p/min. That’s just £4.35 for a 15 minute journey.

With no annual membership fee or ongoing costs, experience the flexibility of a car without the hassle of ownership.

Please contact jake.baldry@drive-now.com. to claim your FREE lifetime membership.



I was issued my membership, received my card and everything was easy and ready to go.

Not sure when i would use it, but not long after i had set it up the day came. I took my partner and daughter with our new little puppy to watch the Hackney half marathon and then spend some time at london fields. The sun was shining and after a relaxing play in the park we were all tired, a quick look on my DriveNow App and i can see there is a car less than 2 minutes walk away. I suggested we head down, my partner was sceptical that my phone would open the car and that it would all work. I was dreading the ‘i told you so’ situation that was on the horizon. But I’m pleased to say the whole thing worked with very little ease. the car was easily located – the App unlocked it and my PIN number started the car. We were in a very lovely brand new BMW i3 – We headed home everyone on board parked it up over the road in a pay and display parking bay (we didn’t have to pay its all covered with DriveNow) set the car to end the rental, got out locked it with the app and walked over the road to home. My honest opinion is it couldnt have been any easier.


Dalton Street Show


Call for Entries

Deadline for submission 9 September 2016

THE DALSTON STREET SHOW is a dynamic new exhibition of street photography created as part of the Dalston Cultural Programme.

Dalston Day & Night is the theme for the show. Images demonstrating the diversity of Dalston, it’s people, it’s street life, it’s built environment, will be seen from the street, displayed in the windows of Dalston shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, on poster boards and inside a selection of local venues.

The Street Show exhibition will take place over a period of 4 weeks from 14 October to 14 November 2016 during Photomonth East London – the annual International Photography Festival.

The Call for Entries is open to all kinds of photographers, professional and non-professional, students, schools, community groups, youth projects and local residents of all ages, who are invited to submit images of Dalston to be selected for exhibition.

Entry is FREE Please complete the attached Entry Form and send in with up to 5 high res images per individual entrant or up to 10 high res images per group entry to info@alternativearts.co.uk  All images to be at 300dpi. Early submission advised.

The management reserve the right to reject work not deemed suitable for exhibition.

All participants will be invited to the opening of The Dalston Street Show on Friday 14 November from 6pm to 8pm in Dalston Square when the submitted images will be projected to live music.


Entry Form Here: Dalston Street Show Entry Form

May 2016 Update

Keeping residents informed about what is happening re the Square’s upkeep and activities is always a challenge Here is our best effort for May 2016.

The DSRA (Dalston Residents Association) was established in the early days back in 2011 when the Square’s “Phase 1’ buildings were being completed.

In the face of a) Barratt’s many building glitches and b) Consort’s ( now First Port) indifferent service,  a ‘Buildings Committee’ was set up to make sure  these companies

were held to account.  We also have a ‘Finance Committee’ which meets three times a year to go through First Ports expenditure on our buildings and on the level of our Service Charges. We need new members for this. If you are interested contact the Residents association via the email address given on this site or by paper message in the Residents Association letter box in Gaumont Tower lobby. (Below box 69)

In the early days we also had a Social Committee (for residents’ parties) .

Finally at the request of Hackney Council, a Cultural Committee was established to recommend and plan events in the Square.  New members are needed for this committee too.

Only the Buildings and Finance committee remains active. Now and again some of the more active members of the DSRA organise a roof top party or a Christmas get together. Always a good way to get to know your neighbours!

So what current news from the Buildings Committee?  

Next meeting May 27th 10 am come and join us in CLR James Library Mtg. Rm.

We have achieved so much over the years and the list would take up many pages!

Just now we are dealing with a few hard nuts that have survived on our ‘to do’ list chasing ( with very slow success) Barratts for a proper restaurant smoke extraction system to be installed in phase 1. The kitchen smoke from Le Ziz restaurant in particular, although better when the management cleans its filters, is particularly bad when it seeps into the corridor, gym and lobbies.  Barratt promise us that they are submitting a fresh application for planning consent to the Council for ducting to above rooftop level.

This committee also covers issues related to cleaning and maintenance and we work closely with Gerald Bernard the site manager to make sure quality is maintained.

Maintenance of the Square. Hackney Council.  We have tried to influence the nature of the commercial use of the Square and have called for less chain restaurants and more authentic and locally owned. With mixed success it has to be said!

We find that while the street cleaning (litter etc.) is good, maintenance of the green spaces has been lacking. We are pressing Hackney Council for clarification of the ‘maintenance plan’ for the Square, this has been remarkably slow in coming, however the gardening service do seem to have improved in the past year.

We have also been asking the Council to help us reduce the skateboarding problem- a controversial issue for some, who think the Square should allow for this activity.  No skateboarding signs are going up soon. We hope they won’t look too negative but understand that residents whose flats overlook the Square at low-level are disturbed by the repeated sounds of small wheels on hard paving reverberating off our buildings.

There is more, but this is probably more than enough for the average reader!

Our main aim is to enjoy living in the Square. By taking an active part in the decision-making about the space we live in, we hope to keep up its quality and build sense of a sharing community.

Want to help us? Get in touch via this website.


Roof Garden Party


DRSA News Update March 14, 2016

Turtle Bay

The new restaurant is now open. Residents will have mixed views about this new complement to the Square. Some are concerned about the noise disturbance that Turtle Bay’s ‘beach party’ pitch might cause to the peace of the Square. Others are however looking forward to a piece of ‘Caribbean spirit’ adding warmth and sunshine to Dalston. Only time will judge how things will work out. The restaurant has however made a rather ‘mixed’ start!

Weary of the potential problems of more kitchen smoke entering the buildings immediately above, a small group of DSRA members were invited last week to look around Turtle Bay’s smoke extraction and filtration system. Billed as a ‘state of the art’ set up, it all certainly looked impressive!  We will see if this ‘eco filter’ stands up to heavy use in the weeks ahead!

Noisy opening event causes nuisance noise

Those residents whose windows and balconies overlook the Square sadly took the full impact of Turtle Bay’s boisterous first-night event last week.

A live Band struck up which could be heard from all corners of the Square. Added to this was some energetic behaviour which as the evening wore on, spilt out onto the Square while residents were settling down for the night. The reports of disturbance were considerable and the concierge service was overwhelmed with calls.  Their team tried to intervene but from all reports the managers were less than cooperative.

It should be said that the band did stop at 11pm but  it  was again frustrating that the  roadies took their time to pack up and the disturbance did not finally abate until after 1. 30 am.

Don’t be a kill joy?

Everyone enjoys a party once in a while. However loud music late at night is nearly always a source of ill feeling for neighbours living in a block of flats. It should be pointed out that our leases state that noise should not be so loud as to be heard beyond the four walls of our homes. The good news is that we have received fewer complaints about noise in recent months.

In the case of Turtle Bay’s party  an effort by the managers to forewarn its many neighbours would have made a difference while also conveying a degree of community spirit too.

The DSRA met with the management the next day. It was told that the event was a ‘one off’ and should not happen again. Sadly, we did not get an apology however.

Residents who feel strongly should ‘log’ their complaint on the Council’s online noise pollution page.

Restaurant Smoke- Gaumont Tower and the Gym.

For those who want an update on the protracted smoke saga…

The smoke emanating from the restaurant kitchens beneath Gaumont Tower continues despite the efforts by the DSRA to get Le Ziz to service and repair its kitchen filters.  The situation in the gym has nevertheless, improved as Barratts have headed The DSRA’s request to install new inward ducting to bing in fresh air from outside the building. This seems to have worked.

The service tunnel behind the restaurant however is still filling with smoke at peak cooking times and we continue to campaign for proper extraction ducting to be retro fitted by Barratt Homes to take the odours and smoke away.  Barratts have consented that this is needed but are awaiting planning consent from the Council.

We have engaged the support of Councillor Peter Snell to help chase this matter up at the ‘highest level’ in the Council. He has done so but progress is slow. We understand, legal measures are to be taken to impose lease agreements on Le Ziz.

We ask residents to keep up the pressure on the smoke pollution by notifying the Council again via their online pollution page.

On a more positive note…

Things are of course by no means all gloomy. The DSRA can claim a long list of achievements and improvements since the Square opened.

As always our work requires activists and so we are always looking for new residents willing to join us in whatever capacity.

If you are Interested and want to meet engaging and interesting neighbours, we would love to hear from you! Contact the Residents Association at dalston.square.com and we will get back.


DSRA committee.

Restaurant smoke in the gym, lobby, flats- Gaumont Tower, Dalston Square

Jan 20 2016

Dear fellow residents.

This is just a short note to update you about where things stand with regard to the restaurant smoke nuisance in the Gym. Users are still suffering unfiltered kitchen exhaust.

The DSRA brought this pollution problem to the attention of the Council more than a year ago. We assumed that the matter was being taken seriously at that time however it now seems that when the Council sent ‘pollution officers ‘around to check on the ‘smell’ they couldn’t smell much and left the matter there.

After complaining to our local Councillor Peter Snell in the autumn he took the matter on. To reinforce out case  we also sent in the 120 signature ‘petition’ which many of you signed last month  (It was pinned up on wall in Gym)  -to the Council’s pollution department.

Since Councillor Snell’s involvement an ‘enforcement letter’ has been sent to each restaurant  demanding that they clean and service their filters.  Little, if anything, appears to have happened in the case of the larger restaurant however, hence the continuing gagging smells in the gym at peak cooking times.

Barratt’s responsibility as the developers

The DSRA remains skeptical about the ability of the filters, even when cleaned to cope with the output of heavy greasy cooking smoke produced by modern grill restaurants. We have therefore called on Barratt the developers to take responsibility for fitting a proper extraction system that takes the smoke up and out of the building.  In the meantime Barratt are attempting to duct cleaner air into the gym with only limited success.

Planners couldn’t  accept Barratt’s designs.

Barratt explain to us that they had already submitted plans for an extractor system but the Council planners did not like the architectural impact a large shiny  ‘duct’ rising on the outside of the building. Councillors Snell has since been advised that Planners accept that the need for effective ventilation does need to be addressed and that they are minded to prefer a distinctive “add-on” ventilation shaft to one that is disguised in the original building fabric.

DSRA continue the chasing…

It continues to be a marathon! The DSRA. have very recently  met with Barratt’s and Lambert Smith Hampton (the agents responsible for enforcing conditions of the restaurants leases) to get some immediate results re cleaning filters and some re-ducting of air into the gym.

We have also contacted the Council’s pollution officers to ask that they enforce a cleanup of the filters.  We have not yet heard back from the Council.

We do know that Councillor Peter Snell has asked the planners to reconsider their views. Barratt have hinted that they would reapply for permission for an extraction system if planners are open to changing their minds.  However frustratingly things move slowly and there are no firm plans yet for a complete extraction system!

What more can you do?

It seems that the most effective way to get action, however small is through people pressure.

The  Council seems to respond to the numbers of complaints received.  We suggest that fellow residents email  Khadine Jackson  khadine.jackson@hackney.gov.uk and Nana Agyeman nana.agyeman@hackney.gov.uk  both pollution control officers. This would ensure the matter is not shelved again. You could also contact Councillor Peter Snell  peter.snell@hackney.gov.uk to ensure the issue does not slip down his agenda.

A complaint to First Port Customer Services, who we pay to operate and maintain the gym might also help get their backing to put pressure on those responsible for sorting this matter out.   In brief we need to maintain the pressure to make things happen.

Thank you for your continuing support.

DSRA committee.

Hackney Film Club, World Food Market, Dalston’s Heritage Buildings, Bicycle Stores

Hackney Film Club And The World Food Market

Further to my last post, the meeting I mentioned went ahead as scheduled and we now have new dates for the public film screening, as well as for the market. Starting with the market, this will run from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd May, with opening times of Wednesday to Friday 10am to 3pm, and Saturday from 10am to 6pm. The film screening will also be on Saturday 23rd May, running from 9pm until 11pm, with some of the food stalls from the World Food Market remaining in the square to become part of the film screening event. The PA system that will be used for the film screening has been specially calibrated for use in the square, and the council have assured us that they are confident that volume levels will be well-managed, despite the late finishing time of the movie. Fingers crossed the weather plays ball.

Dalston’s Heritage Buildings

Further to the recent meeting of Councillor Peter Snell’s Dalston Ward Forum on March 25th, Peter has organised 2 further meetings to look specifically at the issue of Dalston’s conservation area. Full details of the meetings can be found posted at our discussion forum HERE.

Bicycle Stores Fob Resetting

As you should of all seen (after notices were posted to every mailbox in the development), after the recent resetting of all fobs for building entrance doors, a similar process will not run to reset all bicycle storage area fobs. All fob access to bicycle stores will be disabled on Friday 15 May at midday. If you require access to a bicycle store from that date onwards, please note the name or number of the store you wish to use, and take your fob to the concierge desk where you will be asked to sign a disclaimer form and your fob can be re-programmed for that particular one. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR YOUR FOB TO BE RE-PROGRAMMED PRIOR TO FRIDAY 15 MAY. Please also note that the bicycle store in Sledge Tower closest to Dalston Junction station (No. 7), will no longer be available after Friday 15 May as it is being removed to create a proper thoroughfare. If this is the one you currently use, please choose an alternative. If you have any queries prior to this operation, please do not hesitate to contact Development Manager Gerald Bernard (his contact details can be found in the right hand column of the DSRA website homepage.

Tonight’s Hackney Film Club Public Screening Postponed

Please be advised that the public screening of a film in Dalston Square this evening, to celebrate the launch of the Hackney Film Club’s ‘Turkey East Asia Season’, has been postponed. Weather forecasters have warned of the chance of high winds and rain for this evening so the performance has been provisionally rescheduled for May 23rd. That date coincides with the World Food Market’s wish to be in the square so avenues need to be explored to determine if both events can run concurrently. To that end there is a meeting within the council this coming week, and I should be able to get back to you all with an update soon thereafter.

World Food Market And Engagement Forum Updates

Further to my last post I have two updates to share with you all.

Dalston Square Culture and Community Engagement Forum

Far more complete than my brief report, the minutes of the last meeting of this group can be found posted at our discussions forum in the bottom entry of THIS thread.

Dalston Square World Food Market

I now have more concrete dates for the proposed market: Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd May, with trading from 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 6pm on the Saturday. You will notice that this is somewhat longer than the originally proposed 3 day market, but with such short hours it seems unlikely to cause any problems to residents (other than the problem of deciding what yumminess to partake of of course). If anyone has concerns, please leave them in the comments section immediately below this post (if you are reading this via email, simply hit ‘Reply’) and I will share them with the relevant person at Hackney Council. All comments need to be in by the close of business this Friday please.

Smooth You, Dalston Ward, Hackney Film Club

Smooth You Residents’ Discount

Now firmly established and in their second year of trading here in the square since their move from Islington, Smooth You have been in touch with a great offer for all Dalston Square residents: A 10% discount on all of their services and treatments until further notice. With experienced staff and the newest equipment (though no expert when it comes to beauty related equipment, the manager invited me for a quick tour and I was amazed at the quality and class of their facilities), more than just hairdressing they offer just about every service and treatment there is to help you look and feel your best. Check out their website or pop in to discover the full extent of what they have on offer. Click the first of the thumbnails below to see the poster they have produced to advertise this residents’ only deal.

Dalston Ward Forum Report

Further to my previous post regarding the Dalston Ward Forum meeting, DS resident Kim attended and has written a report on the topics discussed. With some 30 attendees it seems conversation was lively and informed. Apparently notes were taken and minutes will be produced and sent out when complete, but in the meantime Kim’s report can be found over at our discussion forum HERE. A big thanks to Kim for taking the time to write this up for us. I will share the official minutes with everyone when and if I can lay my hands on a copy.

Dalston Square Culture and Community Engagement Forum

Back on April 1st, representing the DSRA I attended a meeting of Hackney Council’s ‘Dalston Square Culture and Community Engagement Forum’. At the meeting we were presented with 3 proposals Hackney Council have received to stage public events in Dalston Square. All 3 proposals were welcomed by all those present, although some clarification was needed on the details of a ‘World Food Market’, offering an artisan market in conjunction with a hot food court, to be run over the course of a 3 day weekend in May. Proposed by Lambeth Smith Hampton (the company that owns and manages the commercial properties in the square) and organised by Epicurean Events Ltd., it is hoped the food festival will be both of interest to the local community and an attraction to people from other areas of London. If successful, this could become a regular (monthly?) event. I will keep you all abreast of developments of this proposal. The second, confirmed, proposal is a project entitled ‘Super Dads’, set to run during the first 4 Saturdays in August (the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd) from 2pm to 4pm. Run by Universal Board Games, the events will be open to all families living in Hackney, and are aimed at encouraging families to enjoy time playing games together while boosting literacy and numeracy in a fun, low-cost manner. Although aimed at promoting the relationship between fathers and their children, all members of the family are invited and welcome to participate. As well as traditional favourites such as chess, backgammon, and dominoes, less well known games, such as Mancala from Ghana, Crokinole from Canada, Go from Japan, Carrom from India, as well as many more games from around the world, will be available to reflect the cultural diversity of the area. The third and final proposal will be launch event of…….

Hackney Film Club – Turkey East Asia Season

Scheduled for Saturday 2nd May, from 8pm to 10.30pm, organised by Hackney Council itself (a library initiative), there will be a public film screening in the square. This will be a screening of the film ‘Bana Masal Anlatma‘ (‘Don’t Tell Me Tales’), a Turkish film with English subtitles, rated 12A (this movie receives an impressive score of 8.2/10 on IMDb.com). This launch will be followed by further screenings of films from Turkey and East Asia inside the C.L.R. James Library on the first Thursday of each month. There will also be further film screenings at both the Rio Cinema and the Hackney Playhouse. Details of all film screenings will be publicised in the C.L.R. James Library. Below you can see their event posters in English (the 2nd thumbnail), Turkish (the 3rd) and Kurdish (the 4th).

Smooth Film Eng Film Tur Film Kur

Dalston Ward Forum

Just a short post to advertise the next Dalston Ward Forum, which gives all local residents the opportunity to engage with their (your) elected councillors Peter Snell and Soraya Adejare. The next meeting of the forum is to be held on Wednesday March 25th from 7pm until 9pm at Arcola’s Studio 5, just 50m from the main Arcola entrance (yes that is tomorrow, apologies for the short notice). Full details of the forum and the meeting agenda can be found on Hackney Council’s website HERE. Peter, in particular, has shown a keen interest in Dalston Square and the work of the DSRA (he has attended a number of meetings with us), and has worked on our behalf to help us engage with the local council to address a number of issues we feel need attention around the square (the restaurant ventilation issue in phase 1, the dead trees in the square, and maintenance of the podium area between Thomas and Sledge Towers, to mention just a few). Since his election last spring, Peter has an impressive 100% meeting attendance record in his role within Hackney Council, which is surely a good sign of his commitment to the ward.

Sledge Lobby, Parking Space Owners, Gym Closure

Hello neighbours, 3 quick items of news to pass on.

Sledge Tower Lobby Odours

Further to my last post, Barratt’s investigations in to the cause of the odours in Sledge Tower have finally proved successful. A waste pipe hidden behind a lobby wall was found to be leaking and has now been repaired. After a good clean-up of the residual spillage, I have seen for myself that finally the lobby is odour free. There is still some making good to do the the wall but this will be completed soon.

Phases 1 & 3 Parking Spaces

Due to a technical error in Consort’s systems there has been an overcharging to phase 3 space owners and an undercharging to phase 1 space owners in the 2015/16 budget. For further details please see THIS thread over at our discussion forum.

Upcoming Temporary Gym Closure

With the phase 1 redecoration now well under way, the gym is coming close to receiving it’s fresh lick of paint. In order for this work to be undertaken the gym will be closed for 2 days next week, namely Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March.